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We Both Matter Don't We?  
03:42am 12/03/2009
Arts and many much bitchery lay here.Collapse )Arts and many much bitchery lay here.Collapse )
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Night Terrors  
08:40pm 06/03/2009
Yay for first story. Maybe there will be more of these if I don't go lazy.

Night Terrors

Disclaimer: I own nothing and profit nothing, the end.
Main Characters: Thad Thawne, Craydl...kinda...sorta...not really
Explanation: This is an excerpt from a role play I started with a friend. In the role play my character Thad Thawne (or Inertia for the few people that know him from the comic books) often has night-terrors and this is one of the less violent ones. It's not great but I was kinda happy with it none the less, and you don't have to know anything about the role play to understand it. You just have to know the character. Plus I really needed something to post, and this seemed to fit the bill. Criticism is highly appreciated. Just please be gentle, I know I'm no Stephen King and I have no Beta reader.
Rated: PG I guess. Nothing overly bad here. Maybe G.
Pairings: I laugh at your need for love! MAHAHahahah!!!


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music: All About Us Who Bist Du - Tatu/Rammstein
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Movie Movie Movie  
12:48pm 20/02/2009

...Uhhh...some thing to talk about...errrrrrrr....

God my life is so boring.

Uhhh, well I got to see a movie a while or so back. It was called Recycle...I think. I don't really have it on me and I can't remember exactly but I'm pretty sure that's what it was called, or at least something along that line. It's not as stupid as the name suggests.

It was in all subtitles though so it's not for people who don't like to read. I know there are a lot of people who actually get completely enraged if you even suggest they have to read through a movie. I like smacking these people because I have no want to hear about your issues with illiteracy. If you don't like reading subtitles, I can understand that, but there is absolutely no need to scream at me as if I just suggested you should eat a baby or something. About the only movie that these screaming people seem to have no problem reading is "The Passion", because , well crap, it's about Jesus. We can put up with words for Jesus.

It's a little sad really because you end up missing out on a lot of good films. Like this one, for example.

It was nifty. It was Japanese (hence the subtitles, no craptastic dubbing for me thank you very much). It starts out like what is now thought of as a stereotypical Japanese horror movie, and I was thinking,"Oh crap, not another one of these," but suddenly it quite dramatically changes and our little main character friend is thrown in to a world that is akin to Silent Hill on crack. There are living dead people throwing themselves out of building and twitching on the ground, and this faceless women chasing after her. People hanging from trees like Gothic Christmas decorations and these twitchy screamy fetuses. You follow her through all kinds of different places, some surprisingly cute, some so gross it makes you want to take a bath for her, some shit your pants scary, and the further you go the more of an almost Neverending story vibe you get from it. It's very imaginative, the movie never stops surprising you, and seems to have just a little bit of everything.
It's the only movie I've seen that can make me laugh one minute, scream the next, then make me do that girly little "awww" noise. It's also the only movie that ever brought me close to crying. If you watch it, you'll know why.

Anyway. Good movie. You should find it and watch it.


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